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We are NOT accepting new drop shipping members.

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At this time we are not enrolling new drop ship members. We do not have plans to do so. Our website remains up to date for our existing members. We have received many requests for new members and you may have found this page to ask the same. If you are excited to start your new venture we have an alternative resources for you below. With a free Shopify trial you can get your ecommerce website set up and running. Find drop ship products with Zendrop Partner Program that offers over 1 million drop ship products. More resources continue to be added.

Thank you for your interest and wishing you much success in your endeavors!

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping allows a retailer to offer products without purchasing them in advance. Instead of spending money on purchasing inventory at wholesale, not knowing when or if it will sell, drop shipping merchandise is not purchased until the retailer has sold it. For example, you are a retailer and have a website or another channel, that you sell on. You find a drop ship partner, who will allow you to list their products for sale. When a customer purchases the product from your website, you then purchase the product from the drop ship supplier at a discounted drop ship price. They send the order directly to your customer. You don’t have to hold inventory or ship products. The drop ship supplier sends out drop ship orders with the name and business information of the retailer who sold it.