A quick offer for you. New .com domains and most transfer domains are less than $10/ year on DomainRegistrationPro.com.

While the big guys give you a great deal on your first year of domain registration they up it the next year and the next. Most people don’t know that there are other options. As a web developer I wanted to be able to offer my clients domain registration and other products like hosting, email, and SSL certificates for as close to wholesale as possible and without the gimmicks of raising the price each year. It is open to the public and I invite you to check it out as well. Our products are backed by and provide the same support people as the big guys.

What if I already have a domain name?

Domain names can be transferred from one registrar to another. The transfer includes a year of domain registration. To get your money’s worth wait until it is close to the time to renew your domain registration for the year or just transfer while you are thinking of it. You will get a year of registration from the date of transfer purchase.

Why do different domains have different prices?

These differing base prices are not set by us. They are actually regulated. So sometimes you will see that .info or .net is a little more and .us may be a little less. The crazy ones going for thousands of dollars have usually been purchased and are reselling because they know what a good name it is and that someone out there will eventually want it and pay for it.

What about if I want to use Shopify?

As you have probably noticed all over our website we recommend Shopify for web shops. We use it, we love it and our product files integrate easily. You can use a domain registered from anywhere with your Shopify shop. You can not purchase separate hosting however. Shopify is a complete platform that must host your web shop for it to work and your hosting cost is included in the monthly fee. (There are features of Shopify that allow you to be able to put your products on websites that are hosted separately, but not a complete Shopify shop.) Shopify also includes your SSL or security certificate so you won’t need to purchase that separately either.

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